Unlucky Cedars Rally 2018 for EAK

Eddy: “Well it was a tough week after our accident during the cedars rally, we were really confident that it was our best performance to date, the car was perfect this time,the team had prepared very good, and me and Joseph were ready to give it everything this time.
The rally started quite good, being 2nd on the Saturday super stage and then we started on a steady pace Sunday morning and began to increase it gradually till we found the sweet spot and we then knew we could do it easily, till stage 5 came where everything happened, we changed a note on the first pass of Bhabouch stage, but seems it was a bit optimistic. We have heard a lot of speculations about that incident so here it is.

I have received tons of calls and messages of support, I am sorry if I have failed to reply to some, a big thank you form the heart. You are the reason why we will keep on fighting!

A big thank you also to our sponsors for this year Silver Star, Tire Mania and Meyle Parts.

We hope you enjoy this review and I will surly miss my lucky number #18.”


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